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Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Our journey; Life, motherhood, fatherhood and togetherness.
Interests: travel, art, child development, cooking, reading, writing, scuba diving, philosophy, culture, skiing, flamenco, photography... (in no particular order)
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You lucky girl! Enjoy Brasilia and be safe! Love.
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Thank you for sharing this. I find it very interesting! Nxxx
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Its my resolution for 2012 too. Going to drop the extra weight and be as HOT as possible (fit that is :)) Happy New Year. xxxxx
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I also saw the exact same Santa at Kastrup airport too. He wasn't a happy one. I can imagine E being his chatty and friendly self :) And actually, you and Gina may pass for American from NYC! Love.
I know European English are often seen as sloppy. But what I love is the sheer nonchalance and also willingness to write/speak English the best they can. Unlike most native/fluent English speakers who not only pick on each other's grammar/spelling (snooty) but inability/unwillingness to learn/speak another language, simply because they are not confident enough to laugh at themselves :) I think the email is very sweet! especially the "further on still a good walk" as if the fur has screwed up your walk :) Haha. Buy a new pair of funkiness sweetie! xxx
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