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Emmy Van Deurzen
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So glad you are getting into the link between applied philosophy and psychotherapy. That is pretty much my life's work. The trouble is that different schools of psychotherapy can be every bit as dogmatic and opposed to each other as different religions. Lord Layard's contribution was to reduce therapy to evidence based therapy only, i.e. basically CBT and some other formulaic forms of very basic interpersonal work. I have written about all these issues, i.e. therapy replacing religion and the Layard school of thought, in my recent book: Psychotherapy and the Quest for Happiness. I would be very interested in discussing these things further with you. At NSPC, where we train existential therapists, we also have a course in existential coaching (i.e. philosophical consultancy). A book coming out about this in May. See regards emmy
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Feb 27, 2012