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if you don't know what islam is really about, you are lost and really just a traitor to freedom and natural rights..
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Seriously.. I know we have loads of oil.. I think the long term plan is to drain the oil elsewhere then open up our own.. just saying.. think long term, it makes sense.. but then, by the time we get to our own oil, muslims will be so plentiful here, the point of cutting off ME muslims would be moot.. just so people don't go and think I just pull this baha'i stuff out of my ass...
Illinois is home to the baha'i which stress the need for Christians to accept mohammad as an equal manifestation of allah.. yes allah.. Baha'u'llah, the profit of the baha'i, did not believe in factual Judeo-Christian history.. All of this multiculti crap comes out of the National Spiritual Assembly in Willamette which is owned by the Universal House of Justice.. the trojan horse for islam..
Jews that subscribe to baha'i ideology...
Europe has baha'i written all over it.. they are multiculturalist messianic muslims.. with a very socialistic bent.. Maurice Strong is a prominent and devout baha'i.. and George Soros was raised from birth to speak the baha'i's chosen world language 'esperanto' Unity in Diversity.. look it up if you don't believe me.. I have never been rebutted by anyone..
the baha'i developed the plan for making it happen..
The freedom tower is a minaret, replacing the bizarro mecca that the WTC court was.. the crescent is a 'mosque'.. the Pentagon installed a 'prayer room'.. The burlington coat factory is just a distraction while those muslim friendly victory monuments were being established... yes the freedom tower is a minaret..
They were directed to treat islam as not the problem.. hence why we point at Perry and see the second coming of Bush
Pam.. I already ordered.. :-( please come to Toronto for a book signing.
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Sep 6, 2011
wow.. weak
Thanks for making Pam's point.. "Allah grants victory to those whose cause is just" Whose cause is just to a muslim? God is not Allah.. Allah is God's replacement.. if you don't know that much you are way out of your league.. Listen up Mr. Devout Christian.. there is no room for Jesus in islam.. his name is Isa and he isn't God in islam.. again, if you don't get that basic fact of faith, you are way way out of your league..
Ummm.. I kinda hope muslims force communism's hand.. screw the commie chinks.. they are enemies anyways.. muzzies, chink-coms.. wtf is the difference.. I hope they annihilate each other what.. do some of you object to my derogatory terms? well IDGAF.. shariah led to feudalism led to communism.. don't eff with me.. muzzies and chink-coms deserve each other..
I'm with you Pam.. Perry supporters want DESPERATELY to believe SOMETHING in ISLAM is A-OK... morons.. the lot..
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on Perry's Pandering at Atlas Shrugs
perhaps it's a deliberate sacrifice for muslims.. they are lefty morons.. perhaps they are in cahoots? they just didn't figure they would get next to zero sympathy.. I don't know really.. and I don't care how much they are raped daily.. they deserve their fate for the absolute stupidity they chose for themselves..
Rick Perry supports insurance fraud... deeper and deeper into the do do...
rumor is, Perry's daughter is married to the Kahn's son.. DIG PEOPLE DIG!!!
In those days, government planes were military.. and only the rich could fly in style.. and Commie lovers.. Time after time, she has gone out of her way to endorse or to give assistance to known Communists. Take the case of her notorious endorsement of Alger Hiss, in her column of August 16, 1948. "Smearing good people like Alger Hiss and Lauchlin Currie [both Soviet espionage agents] is, I think, unforgivable...Anyone knowing either Mr. Currie or Mr. Hiss, who are two people whom I happen to know fairly well, would not need any denial on their part to know they are not Communists. Their records prove it." ===== sorry if you were a fan.. she is evil
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Not an American flag in sight at Atlas Shrugs
QE3.. QE4 .. QE5 raises reflecting the planned inflation...
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2011 on Obama: Let Them Eat Cake! at Atlas Shrugs
"Bowing to Chinese pressure" more like: Doing Chinese bidding
muslims killed by muslims.. terrorism defined by shariah.. only muslims are innocent..