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I've had mixed feelings about #reverb10 too. If I had to choose between #reverb10 and #bestof09, I loved the latter more. Having said that, #reverb10 has been insightful, now I've done all 31 posts and can look back, in a way I didn't expect and has highlighted some themes that have been recurring for me. My greatest disappointment was that some of the prompts seemed to overlap - now this could be a personal thing as I had a specific pivotal moment which featured in many of my posts. Maybe 2011 #review11 could be prompted by this year's #reverb10 participants ... I had more fun with #bestof09 but that perhaps also reflected the type of year that it was, whereas 2010 has, for many people I know, been linked to less lighthearted themes. Despite all of the above, I am pleased to have taken part in #reverb10, to have stuck to my guns in being determined to complete all 31 posts and recognise the huge commitment of time and effort that managing a project like this takes.
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Dec 31, 2010