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I have just found your patterns and website, and although I am a new fair isle knitter, I am a long time knitter and have owned Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting for many years. I browse and pine over Fair Isle projects all the time, and your patterns are beautiful. You are clearly very talented in that area. As I read your blog I can see that your writing style is clear and easy to understand. It would be a shame to let YOUR dream slip away because someone else did not make it THEIR priority. Press on! Just keep swimming! I would be in line to buy a copy for sure. KarenV
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I would love to see a purple Olfa cutter. Purple has been my favorite color since I can remember, and I have be careful buying fabric (clothing, bedding, furniture, paint, etc.) to be sure I am not buying simply because there is purple or lilac involved. ;). What a fun giveaway! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us!
I would pick the Swatch Budddies First, and the clip-on red glasses as a close second. The swatch Buddies would be so handy for having your fabric at your fingertips, I think I would find matching fabrics for quilts I'm stashing for sooner.
I love the Pinot - beautiful!!
It looks just lovely!
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Oct 17, 2010