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I have one of the tested vehicles and can confirm the extreme rain down pours that Florida see a lot can temporarily disable these systems. Even radar cannot reliably see through the really heavy rain we get. I also service one of the brands in question. Many customers come in with some complaint of the system and often I find faults "system disabled to to limited visibility" stored. In reality the problem is two fold - 1) we continue driving in bad weather when we really should have pulled over and not continue driving. 2) once drivers get used to a new DAS they depend on it to take over and save them from their bad driving, instead of driving safely and DAS helping only as the backup safety it was designed for. (Tesla drivers - I'm looking at you sleeping and watching movies behind the wheel) Jason
I have been playing around with an idea for Hybrid electric turbo fan engine. Use the combustion turbine for max power situations IE: take off and climb. Decouple the engine section and use the motor/generator to run the turbo fan for cruise and decent. Maybe also for taxi if the hub motors don't get sorted out. Big part of my idea is to run the jet turbines on hydrogen. The idea is same fuel could also run through FC to produce electricity. The electric motors would be combined into the turbo fan with the jet turbines. So you could remove the APU engine and use the FC to power on board systems and propulsion motors with a small contingent of supplement batteries. Jason
If they think diesel generators are bad, they should see how nasty a gasoline generator is. By backup I take it they mean commercial installations of many kw or even mw units? For a unit that is at a constant RPM and consistent load point emissions controls should be easier to monitor and implement. I would be more concerned about home owner gensets that are barely out of the '80s in regards to emissions controls Jason
I know efficiency is not there yet, but a dream here is this; fill tank with water and plug in to electricity (solar, grid, etc.) and produce the Hydrogen/oxygen to fill tanks. Use the "fuel" I just produced in a FC to power my electric car. Capture the water vapors for potable consumption or to return to electrolyzer to produce more "fuel" Could in theory be a closed loop with only inputs being top off water and electricity. Maybe a more realistic use case would be to install a system in your house and use the excess installed solar to produce Hydrogen/Oxygen during day, then switch over to FC mode to power home at night. Excess H/O could be used for car FC or just charge BEV car. Side benefit is using Hydrogen for heating and cooking gas in the home and pure H2O source for drinking water. Jason
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Oct 7, 2021