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8 out of the last 12 movies have come from out of state even though I have a DC in Cleveland, Ohio. I don't mind if the occasional foreign film comes from elsewhere buy movies that have been out for a while shouldn't come from everywhere but here. This started on the 1st of October. I liked the new notification of where they come from in your email but to quote some movie, "I usually get kissed before I get screwed".
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2006 on Long Distance Shipping at Hacking NetFlix
After going to the YouTube link, I discovered All Indian Hindi movies a la the Netflix formula. Who says there isn't money to be made for niche markets?
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2006 on Netflix Videos on YouTube at Hacking NetFlix
I'm 50 years old and have been watching anime since Speed Racer and Astro Boy. My 30 year old son also watches anime, but thinks I'm nuts because I watch Naruto. Anime is why I signed up for Netflix 2-1/2 years ago.
Since Dec/05 til May/06 I have received 68 movies, 18 from out of state DCs. Dec/05 - received 17, 5 out-of-state(29%) Jan/06 - received 18, 2 out-of-state(11%) Feb/06 - received 9, 4 out-of state(44%) Mar/06 - received 10, 5 out-of state(50%) Apr/06 - received 14, 2 out-of-state(14%) I live in Cleveland, Ohio which has a DC.I received DVDs from 13 different out-of-state DCs than my own. Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Santa Ana, San Jose and Lansing each shipped 2 during that time. St. Louis, Phoenix, Flushing, BatonRouge,Kansas City,Mo., Concord and Tacoma all sent 1 DVD. And yes I was blessed with a shipment from Honolulu. So far this month I've received 5 DVDs all from Cleveland. Feb. and Mar. had the highest percentage of out-of-state-discs. Anyone else get the same? Only a couple of discs I wanted were new and a lot were anime (I'm finishing my 1st year in Japanese at college).
Runs OK on Firefox But jerky scrolling on my older Pentium. It's irritating to play "catch the moving link" when it hasn't stopped scrolling yet.
In January I received 16 movies with only one coming from another DC. In February I received 8 movies and four were from other DCs: Honolulu, Las Vegas, San Jose and Lansing. For March I received 9 movies and 4 again from other DCs:Santa Ana, San Jose, Kansas City and Ft. Lauderdale. That' about 50% of my past two months movies coming from out-of-state!I live in Cleveland, Ohio which has a DC. I now routinely put computer printed mailing labels for the Cleveland DC on out-of-state envelopes. A recent return to the Cleveland DC took four days to arrive! They must think I'm a nymphomaniac because they keep screwing me!!
Last year, I had the misfortune of receiving a broken anime DVD and sent it back and requested another copy. The DVD I received was was also broken. I complained to Netflix and was given 25% off of my next fee. I too bought a newer DVD player from Toshiba at a good price and I've had no problems with playing Netflix DVDs since.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2006 on Unplayable Netflix Rentals at Hacking NetFlix