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Big Bear
Charlotte, North Carolina
Cuddly, but growls on occasion
Interests: Cubby Bear, 4 lil cubs, 2 grand cubs ... And cooking for the pack in the Big Bear Cave
Recent Activity
Ok folks.... She's amazing to watch and her inspirations are awesome...... BUT in the interest of objective reporting Big Bear has to set the record straight.... What she didn't say is that all of her interests are slowly taking over the house! Room by room this is becoming the house of crafts. See... originally our 12x14 sunroom was her art studio... North facing, good light.... Nope, too small for her aspirations.. so she took over the 20x30 living room. Then the sunroom became the sewing room.... one of the bedroom and office. Oh forgot to mention that the dining room became the music room. Yes, she does play the piano well too! Let's hope she doesn't take up serious woodworking... Wait a minute.... She has started making palettes and wants me to make frames..... Oops! There goes the garage..... But we love her creations and energy. Which room is next?
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