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Not my usual alias, there's a reason it's called "Long Pig".
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2016 on A THOUGHT FOR TODAY at Dave Barry's Blog
They're dressed a lot like the Iranian Salute Guy.. It's what tinpot dictator always do.
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I don't think the original Star Trek was commie. Remember the Trouble with Tribbles? There was an independent trader in that one. And Harcourt Fenton Mudd was a trader too. They didn't really talk about money, TNG is where they got all commie. Pournelle had other corporations than just military. He had lots of corporations being at worst benign. His planets were settled by the USSR or by the US with financing from corporations like Amex. In one book he talks about a planet being all proud they paid back their start up loans early.
This is crap, we all know Iowahawk.typepad has no ethics! DPUD is with you Iowahawk! But not you Iowahawk, for shame.
Blazing Saddles. Recently? One Eyed Monster. Great movie.
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I'm with you so far, I can't imagine what it was like to be black in America 60 years ago. There's bound to be a backlash, people are jerks. Where I work there are two major groups of people, college-educated types who do the work (I'm in that group) and non-college educated who do the paperwork. I've tried to be friendly with the blacks I work with (like everybody else), but most of the college-educated types just aren't interested. I've seen guys who are on my floor, who I see almost every day, outside the office and they won't even nod. They just look right through me. A couple I knew when I first started are friendly, but that's about it. I eat lunch with all different nationalities and whatnot, I don't care. But not with the blacks. They stay together. The paper-work types are mostly black women (one gay black guy who hates me) and I'm friendly with most of them, pretty much all. One is a Cowboys fan and we abuse each other often. It's weird how the college educated ones are angrier against whites than the poorer ones. I still don't think Office Wesley Cheeks, Jr, professional shutter upper of people he doesn't agree with, was doing this because of race though, the white guy with him was right there. It was political more than racial. He's just a thuggish totalitarian who deserves to be charged for what he did, but I just don't agree he was racial.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2009 on The Fruit of Anger, Part One at baldilocks
Good point Jorg.It's okay to sap American's will, it's not good to remind us why we're fighting. And notice they mis-captioned it to make themselves look a little better. It would have looked even worse if the average person read the truth. So maybe they have a little shame, but they can ignore it.
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Yeah, I was ticked off at Capt Ed for that. Everybody said, "When we pull back and let the Iraqis take over, expect more bloodshed as the enemy tests the Iraqis". Generals were on TV saying it, military writers were writing about it. And as soon as the predicted bloodshed gets rolling, Capt Ed is declaring defeat. What a tool.
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2009 on Calm Down, Ed at BlackFive
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I've recently begun to hear talking heads on WTOP (traffic radio in DC, uses CBS and WaPo news) ask "Why did we invade this country, why are we there?" talking about Afghanistan. The fact that they can ask that question shows that answering it (Ummmm, 9/11 perpetrators? Remember? It was in all the news.) is a waste of time.
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I have wanted to ask someone this for a while and I have a feeling I'm not the only one. I'm not in the military, never have been (I'm blind in one eye and I think they don't want us blinks), but I would like to send a letter. I don't want to come across like a poser or a wannabe or something. If I make them laugh, I would rather it was on purpose. Can you give me an idea of what to write? What they would like to hear? Thanks.
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