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You're absolutely right. Children absorb the subtleties of what they see, hear and read. I don't have children myself, but I do work in the book industry, and I'm very aware of the predominance of speciesist attitudes in children's books. I recently came across this site: which reviews books from a veg perspective. They have some great recommendations, including a Thanksgiving story in which children on a school trip smuggle turkeys out of a farm to rescue them! Maybe you'll find some books you can give your godchildren to spark a greater awareness & sympathy for non-human animals. =)
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Though I haven't made my full 2010 resolution list yet, there are 4 things I know will be on it when I do. 1-Test more vegan recipes and share the delicious results with non-vegans. (The gingerbread cookies were a huge success with friends and family this Christmas.) 2-Become certified in vegan nutrition, so I can counteract all the bad information with hard facts. 3-Petition my grocery store to carry more vegan products: Vegenaise, beet sugar, and soy yogurt, for starters. 4-Throw a delicious, fully vegan wedding!
I couldn't agree more! I used my new copy of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar to make Swedish Chocolate Balls, which sound kind of dirty and taste fantastic! See a photo of the fabulous finished product on my blog:
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Dec 23, 2009