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wow you guys are criticle. non english speaking i thin he brings up good ideas as do all the comments. the actual reality of the mp3 player/mp3 mobilephone space must ly somewhere in between. i thin ipod sales growth year over year is a good sign for the ipod. though i have a work cellphone and a personal cellphone that can, i have never used either to listen to music or to take a picture. i thin the itunes music store/ ipod is by far the best experience for digital media consumption. is it possible for the mp3 playing cellphone to eat ipod market share? for sure but it is trully a different thing. I thin he makes good points or he may be mad that ipods can't answer phone calls and is trying to prick apple's blog watchers into incorporating that functionality sooner especially if he can get enough exposure.? i thin the ipod is here to stay and even though i am now on my what 7th cellphone since 1999 and 3 of them could play music i have never used my phone for that. but i thin apple should include that funcionality into their deivces as soon as they feel a more converged device would be both technically and commercialy prudent. i thin we no longer have any tollerance for divergent opinons. he brings up things to thin about. i thin liar is a strong word. we all have a way of seeing things and his way is different. don't get upset cause he trys to exlain and prove his point of view. that fear of other opinions harms debate. the more weirder strange and out of the box opinions, the better. i back your ability to be wrong or even way wrong. you go boy!