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Great post Chris! Last night I did a LIFE meeting and one of the person that was there, it was so heartbreaking to hear 2 things from this gal. 1) We dont want to have kids because we dont want to bring kids into world like this. 2) My husband will not read books or listen to cds. He comes home from work and all he does is play video games all day. Nuff said!
This is quite a chess game between two grandmasters. Cant wait to see the next move from the 'those' who you passionately refer to here.
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Chris, Have I told you, you are BRILLIANT! I have met in my time people who have intimidated me with their command in a particular area. No doubt in my mind, I have never met anyone like you who grasps complex as well as mundane stuff whether in a technical field or in life and delivers it in a way that even a guy like me with 2 brain cells left, not only understand but smile. Cant wait for this book and knowing the significance it holds in your heart, I am praying for God to do mighty things with this work of yours. --thank you --venkat
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Orrin, This is fantastic, I can just read this at a home open, ESBI, 45 yr plan, TEAM Approach and get them started. Perfect. Thank you --thank you --venkat
Chris, A few years ago, Lynda and I went through what I now call a 'shedding' process God has taken us through. Part of it was when we lost our then dream home and a huge play structure as part of it which my kids witnessed being built as a reward for one of our goals we accomplished and later only to see it dismantled when we lost that home. Looking back, Satan and my fleshly choices had great hand in trying to break us as a family and God in His infinite mercy used (Romans 8:28) that as shedding process to build a greater intimacy among our family. Thanks for sharing this as it served me as a reminder of God's love and mercy though the play structure is no longer there, Lynda and I have a marriage today that reveals God's glory and our relationship with our kids is one of love, restoration of hope and above all a bond that has been strengthened like never before. A lot of credit to you and Terri and the Policy council members for your examples.
Chris, Its amazing as 'matter of fact' or 'trivial' topic as this sounds, it almost lays the foundation to how we feel about a relationship or better yet, where our heart is at any given point time, by the way we welcome the people around us at any given point in time. We, as a culture have so many counter productive things that have become deep rooted habits that allow us to focus on 'self' that many a times I dont even feel like I have people around me being busy having a relationship with myself. Like you have said in your cds, so much of what we learn in relationships these days is 'not so' based on the fruit that is evident out there in the society that a simple 'How are you?' reveals so much where someone is. Thanks for sharing. God has given you a gift of taking the complex and simplifying that an Indian(east I mean) with two brain cells can grasp. Having said that 'Aap Kaise Hain?'
Chris, In my life I have in one way or the other I subscribed to all forms and views you describe, including the Indian version of it. "Money as Miser". Right now 'Money as a motivator' is the description I would use for myself at this point. There is no nobility not living in abundance. God wants abundance in our lives but to echo your 'selfish vs selfless' view, if it is not for the Glory of God then I dont want it. God bless you and keep you and thanks for being the beacon of light in this area and many other areas for me to follow you. --thank you --venkat
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Jan 6, 2012