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The double sided good news is where I live in the Hudson Valley, the wild life is doing very well. The deer need a predator, but the fox, bear, otter, muskrat, bald eagle, hawks, owls and peregrines seem to be increasing year over year. The human population is fairly stable in terms of land use, which is probably the most important thing. On the other coast, the last two times I went back up my childhood haunt of Robinson Canyon, I saw Bobcat. They must be resurgent, because I only ever saw one the whole 20 years I lived in that valley.
Oh, good grief. Look at that light fixture. Now that is funny. Seriously?
Wow, Ruchira! I like this a lot.
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It's an interesting topic. I'm thinking of the Egyptian collection at the British museum...perhaps it's already been repatriated, or someday will be. Do I guess right that there is a large Indian collection as well? I'm of many minds on this topic. I once coveted a friend of my parent's mesoamerican pottery collection. Do I think now he should have returned it? I don't know. And why are ancient artworks less important than more modern art? Should Monets never be allowed to leave France (even if the French hardly deserve them)? I'd hate to think of all the empty American museum walls if that were the case, or all the bad AE we would get in return. And what about an Indian citizen? Should she be allowed to own beautiful objects of Indian antiquity? What if she moves to America? If she could take it with her, could she ever sell it? Only to another Desi? If you were a landowner in India and found a beautiful and rare bit of antiquity buried on your property, would it be yours? What if you had immigrated there? And not just art or artifacts. What if I were hiking in public land in North Dakota and (instead of Morels) I found a Velociraptor Skull. Could I keep it? I do think Museum collections can be better preserved and I like how they are made available to all, but shouldn't Bill Gates be allowed to own a ming vase? And I hear your argument about unstable regimes potentially being poor stewards, but who are we to judge (even though sickening things can certainly happen like those poor Buddhas)? I recently read that there is collection of western art in Tehran, which while too prurient by their current standards was nevertheless preserved. And finally, from your pullquote, should Afghanistan return some parts of their collection to the countries they came from? Can Italy still claim to be "Roman" when issues like this arise, and request the return of their heritage from Kabul? Can Saudi Arabia lay claim to the Alhambra or more transportable artifacts from no-longer-muslim Spain which was taken from them by force of arms (never mind what got them there in the first place)? Kind of off the wall thinking, but the idea of unwinding rights of possession might have made me a little dizzy. Carlos
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