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I think I understand what you're saying, but I also don't think it's that hard to adapt. If anything, I think it can be argued that the internet actually helped a lot of people get their careers off the ground: Justin Bieber, Rebecca black, etc. Songs like Gangan style and Despacito were able to find a large audience using websites such as YouTube and they receive a portion of the ad revenue their music videos generate. Plus (and lets be brutally honest here) Article 13 isn't going to stop piracy. It might get some of the small time things such as re-uploads to YouTube, but there's millions of websites out there (more appearing everyday) which distribute pirated content and if they haven't been playing by the rules to being with, why start complying with article 13 now? Really, it just hurts those who already play by the rules the most: those who may use extracts of protected for the use of parody or critique are most likely going to be falsely flagged as supposedly infringing uploads because websites are liable and will use the strictest filters out of fear for financial loss because if so much as one actually infringing upload from millions of EUsers gets through; you're taking a hit.
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Feb 2, 2019