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Dr. Oz is more a tv personality to the people, so he wants to appeal to the masses in a positive light. I have to comment though, your statement that ALL vegans avoid all animal products or else they wouldn't be vegan, duh..... I know many people that eat vegan for health reasons, not animal rights. I myself went vegan for health and not animal rights. That doesn't mean that animal rights is not a good reason, or should be condoned, I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that a lot of people do care about their own health first above all else when they get really sick and are living miserably. I have some vegan friends who freak out about absolutely everything whether it's certified vegan or not, items containing vegan sugar, not white sugar (cuz it's filtered through bone char) and buying vegan wines and beers (that aren't filtered through fish scales) Eating something like that that is not technically vegan, is not detrimental to health because it came into contact with animal products. It does not contain animal products, they were used in processing. But then what about all the other foods that don't contain animal products, but animals were killed or came into contact with the food? I'm talking about everything in factories, rats, mice, beetles, flies, ants etc. Don't pretend their legs and hairs are not in your beloved peanut butter or pasta sauce that LOOKS vegan from the label. What about using any mode of transportation when tires are not vegan? Where do you draw the line? I do care about nothing supporting the meat and dairy industry and I don't eat those products for my own health and to vote with my dollars on fruit and vegetables instead. But that doesn't mean that everyone who eats vegan is the same kind of vegan that you are. The original description of vegan is that. But nowadays people are just calling it a plant-based diet. Because a lot of us are getting damn sick of labels and elitist vegans coming out of the word work and screaming at us that something we bought could contains trace amounts of animals. Don't pretend that those fruits, vegetables and grains you eat from a farm had nothing to do with the death and destruction of insects, rodents and birds during their growth and processing. So technically you can't even breath air or feed a baby breast milk as these are not vegan practices. Some children are dying because of this... uneducated ethical vegan parents starving their kids feeding them rice milk, because hey it says milk on the package, must be the same right? I prefer to educate people on how to eat more vegan or mostly vegan for their health and then they tend to err on the side of almost no animal products because they like the health benefits so much. For the whole world to embrace this practice would be outstanding. You cannot convince the whole world to go vegan for ethical reasons alone. Most people love their dog or cat and hate chickens, fish, cows, snakes, alligators, sharks, spiders, bugs etc. So both approaches are best when educating people. Health benefits and ethical reasons.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2011 on dr. oz is annoying at vegan chai
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Oct 31, 2011