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Peter Vesterbacka
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Great post, couldn't agree more. Doing exactly that with and have tons of examples of your points in action. Star Wreck, the crowdsourced movie that started it all for us, got a distribution deal with Universal. They wanted to do the subtitles in Norwegian "properly", ie pay some professional to do the job, The community had already done the job, but of course couldn't go with what a bunch of amateurs had done... End result was that the version the amateurs had done was far superior. The had done it out of love and passion for the movie, as fans. The professionals just did it for money, and not even enough money, so they didn't care too much about the result. Just another job... Anyway, amateurs on will wreck Hollywood for the reasons you list. Same thing kind of happened to software thru open source. We live in exciting times!
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Feb 3, 2010