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Oops, and farewell to Sir Reginald too!
Oh, it's very sad to see you go, and not only because of the giveaways. Ever since I met your site it was a resource for me. Fare well!
Oops, sorry, I forgot: I still have the same address. Please let me know if you don't have it. And thanks again. You're truly the best!
Wow, thanks! You two are the best, Jinnet (but don't tell Sir Reginald I said so).
Argh! Every single time I spend more than one week without checking your site, this happens to me! And to add insult to self-inflicted injury, I loved the first book of the series! (Bangs his head in desperation against the walls). So, this is late, but in my opinion, what's not to visit in Egypt? Alexandria, Cairo, the pyramids and the Sphinx, the Karnak and Luxor temples... And the Abu Simbel temple in its original location! Nice to have an airship to take one from one place to another. But don't count me in, since I am not following the rules...
Oh, yes! In the Catacombs of Paris!!! But now that I think of it, lots of people know them... Therefore as a villain I'd have to slain anyone who wanders in, mwahahaha!!! Seriously though, I love this series. I remember finding myself reading the first book and thinking, "Am I really enjoying a steampunk superhero book? Yes, I am! And it's fun!" As always, many thanks for the giveaways.
Oh, but instead of carrying something, I'd let myself be carried by a sandworm, of course! OK, so I've already won one book, but I want The Steam Mole so I have an excuse to buy Cuttlefish too. No shame, I'm afraid. Good luck to everyone.
Thanks a lot! I love Mark Hodder's works, this is a very nice addition.
Ah, there's no place like home, isn't there? But in this case I'll go with Paris. I love that city.
I'm back! I'm back! (I guess nobody missed me, though, lol). OK, this is a tough one. I've always had the impression the "real" Holmes, the Doyle version, has never been truly portrayed. Every actor has given something personal to the character, and each actor has built on the previous ones, thus removing their Holmes from the "real" Holmes. Having said that, I think Jeremy Brett did for me convey the attitudes and character of Holmes more closely to the books than anybody else. And, regardless of all of the above, I do have a weakness for Robert Downey Jr!
Playing Fallen London? I don't dare! Simply put, I cannot afford the kind of time I might spend in there if I try it and like it...
Oh, the one above is me. Wrong sign-in, d'oh...
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Jan 26, 2011
Tough one. I'd have to say Zorro... does he count as Wild West?
Hmmm... I'm a relative newcomer to Steampunk, so I'll go with the most recent author I've read and say George Mann. I've loved his "Affinity Bridge"!
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Dec 15, 2010