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Vicki Green
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Fantastically written Julie! we need more of this. Very eloquently explains our stand point and the current state of affairs with profit driven pharmaceutical companies. I was a little confused by your reference to communism but realised the perception of communism in America and in Europe too for that matter is the models of Russian and Chinese capitalist dictatorships and oppression. This isn't true communism or socialism. In fact true socialism respects the human rights of the individual and represents them as opposed to the corporations. The Socialist Party (England and Wales) demands an end to pharmaceutical profit mongering at the expense of lives. Its the only party that wants to nationalise pharma and reclaim it under democratic control. Talk to them. http://​​main/Home This is nit picking of course but i thought you might be interested in the idea :) Anyway thank you for such a brilliant and astute analysis. Vicki Green
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Feb 11, 2012