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Vicki Jackson
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First let me say I have totally enjoyed your posts this week. I had to laugh at the plastic bag method for memorabilia! I too use it and just this week was working on a mini album from a 2008 trip (shameful I know) but I pulled out the bag and thought of you! The gallon ziplock was filled to the brim and I gave myself permission to throw most of it away after pulling out a map, a coaster and three brochures!! felt good to be "one bag down"-- and the mini album is almost done too! Love todays post!! what terrific ideas. I have been thinking about a "family stories" album for all those older photos (I started scrapping 8 years ago and didn't go back in time) that need the story told-- your idea works perfectly!! and the BIG album what a hoot!! Can't wait for you to have your turn at another week here!
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ohhh!! how fun!! Great selection of "must haves"
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2010 on Giveaway!!! at still me
Wow Heidi you have outdone yourself!! Thanks for being so generous and thank Dixie Pieces too (off to check out their site!) I am at work so my tunes are limited but the sun is shining so its alittle John Mellencamp on the CD!!
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2010 on a week of giving! at still me
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Apr 20, 2010