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I have a perspective that adds to what the parents are saying. My son was the first to go through our school system, which was large metropolitan system. He was born in 1989. What I did know, is that a profound change occurred in 1991, but not just for him. My husband was a reservist, activated in October 1990. My family was instantly thrown into the Military Healthcare System, having to travel 22 miles to the nearest Military Base for all healthcare. My son received his 18 month vaccine through the military, and became extremely ill. After that he was extremely irritable, crying, sensitive to noise, and expressed Autistic delays. My husband came home 4 months later, he too was ill, but hid that from us until I got ill. Seven months after my husband came home from the Gulf War (1990-91), I caught a virus, as did my youngest, and developed what eventually would be called Fibromyalgia. That is when my husband confided to me, he had gotten I'll with the immunizations given the troops (as did they all), and not recovered. Not long after, my 9 year old daughter developed ADD, and also my youngest when she reached school age. My husband put our family on the DOD's Gulf War Syndrome list, but we knew they would never take responsibility, they never did. So now my whole family was struggling, one strange thing after another, but we knew it was "contagious". Fast forward 23 years, adults sicker than ever chronic fatigue (CFS), fibromyalgia (FMS), Crohn's disease. Check out the Veteran's Administration's Criteria for 100% Service Connected Disability for Gulf War Illness. America's epidemic. My oldest (9 when infected) developed Fibromyalgia last year after contracting Enterovirus 69(patented by Nanogen). I contracted it at the same time, and developed pneumonia. This was to be the turning point for us. The doctors never found the cause for my pneumonia, and they really never cleared it up. Because I also had been expressing acute Porphyria and had bad reactions to pretty much all new drugs (There's an APF app that includes the Nordic Porphyria organization, preferred), they gave me Pipercillian. Suddenly I no longer had Fibromyalgia symptoms or Crohn's symptoms, and my face & palms broke out in tiny little cysts all over!! Inquiring minds now have smart phones, and guess where I was led when I typed in "neurological problems helped by Pipercillin broke out in tiny cysts on face and palms", you guessed it...Gulf War Illness linked to Mycoplasma Fermentans (incognitus strain) contaminated vaccines. Now you can do your own research on this nasty US Patented genetically altered bio-weapon. I'm sure we will never know the truth, deliberate or accidental. The CDC and NIH both say Mycoplasma Fermentans (incognitus strain) is epidemic, and contagious, and has contaminated lots of biologicals in labs. When you do your research, you will come across Dr. Garth Nicolson, watch all his video's etc. He is currently working with the Autistic community. After all these years of suffering, we didn't waste any time researching a treatment protocol. The worst part is the medical community and insurance companies are not "motivated" (I use this word kindly, since there is proof that it is more than that) in testing or treating this dibilitating cell destroyer. Truly, you'd be better off having incurable TB, at least they would try! But, you can do most everything on your own, and insist on being treated for Cystic Acne. Our current adult protocol is 300mg Doxycycline (or related tolerated full spectrum for "Cystic Acne", 3-8 cloves raw garlic (pressed, taken with ice water), Primal Defense probiotic, NO GMOs, vitamin supplements & Herxhiemer drink (see, and NT Lipid Replacement Therapy (essential). Now, a word of caution, this is a nasty bioengineered weapon, it fights back, and the porphyria/Herxhiemer reactions can be intense. Just back off a little and come back at them, it takes months (most 1-2 years, depending on what stage you are in (think, TB/Malaria). The difference at 6 months is astounding, and my family is currently about 75-80% improved. We will have to be on NT Lipid Therapy for life. But the saddest part of all is the suffering of the American people, who are still being misled by a fragmented for-profit medical community that has no connection to the world's microbiology community. If they even try, they are shut down. P.S. My son's ASD is Improving, and that says it all! Oh, so are our sick pets!
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Jan 17, 2016