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Interests: <strong><font color="#333399">Weekly Features</strong></font> My interest in fragrance ranges from perfumes themselves to history and science behind them. The weekly features on this site are often thematic, whether it is a particular fragrance note, fragrance family, perfume house, perfume nose, or history. <p> <strong><font color="#333399">Navigating the Site</strong></font> The main page features 14 days worth of posts. Be sure to check monthly archives for earlier posts, which are grouped by their specific category. You can also use the search function on the right sidebar to search through the posts. For review of fragrances and ancillary products, please browse through the Reviews section of the menu. <p> <strong><font color="#333399">Subscribe</strong></font> In order to subscribe for daily updates, please send an email to <strong>[email protected]</strong> with the subject line "Subscribe." Bois de Jasmin takes your privacy seriously. Subscription information remains within sole ownership of Bois de Jasmin, without being revealed to any third parties. If you are a regular subscriber and do not see the daily update, please check your spam filter. <p> <strong><font color="#333399">Copyright</strong></font> Bois de Jasmin is protected by applicable copyright laws, which prohibit any usage of the material appearing on this site for commercial purposes (this includes Ebay auctions) without explicit consent from the author. At present, any material appearing on any commercial venue other than on this site is in violation of copyright laws. Please respect the time and effort that are put into this venue. <p> I appreciate your interest and your comments. Thank you for visiting.
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Posted Mar 24, 2013 at Bois de Jasmin
Posted Mar 24, 2013 at Bois de Jasmin
The promise of beguiling black orchid scent, the suggestion of classical glamour, the retro advertisement reminiscent of George Hurrell’s famous shot of Veronica Lake--and Tom Ford's solo debut, Black Orchid became my most anticipated 2006 launch. When I finally held the gorgeous black glass bottle in my hand and sprayed the perfume on my skin, I envisioned something along the lines of Rochas Femme, the radiant sweetness wrapped into the rich animalic warmth. ... Black Orchid certainly weaves some retro elements into its composition, yet it remains a modern oriental, where the animalic growl is replaced by the murmur of luscious woody vanilla. The best features of Black Orchid are revealed upfront—the promised seductive darkness of patchouli and the savory earthiness of truffle shimmer through the sheer citrusy top notes. An indolic whisper of white flowers lends its characteristic narcotic... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2013 at Bois de Jasmin
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Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Bois de Jasmin
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Posted Apr 11, 2012 at Bois de Jasmin
I tossed them already. When I was doing my spring cleaning, I separated out the unlabeled samples. Some I was able to name, others I ended up throwing away.
I've read Picardie's book, and I agree--out of all books I've read so far on Chanel, it is my favorite. I also liked Tilar Mazzeo's book on Chanel No 5.
Such a good advice! I didn't always follow it myself--I would just scribble something on the label in a rush, and I always regretted it. Especially if it is a sample kept for reference. I now have a small bag of samples I cannot place.
That would be fun--a traveling perfume exhibit!
Nancy, I will not, it's Chandler's project.
I can only imagine! I also love the smell of champacas when they start wilting. They smell leathery and sweet then.
That's a great point! I recently spotted a complete presentation for Nahema parfum at an antique shop that retailed for a couple of hundred dollars! The bottle was empty.
Yes, that's my understanding. Very curious to see and smell them.
This is only somewhat related to this discussed, but I remember speaking with my 80 year old uncle, who was praising the Soviet style education system. I knew that he has suffered at their hands, and I expressed dismay that he would praise anything of the regime. He said, "we have to learn to separate the good from the bad, things are never black and white." I'm still learning, I have to say. Polanski's attitude has made me see his work negatively, and I haven't even seen "Knife in the Water" for this reason. So, not excusing Chanel in any way, but since I haven't read the book, so it's hard for me to comment one way or another. I ordered it too. Would love to hear your thoughts when you read it.
Great ideas! I added these to your Visit comment, and I added a couple of my own recommendations. Perhaps, others who live in the US can add their favorites as well.
LOL! No worries, I got what you were trying to say.
The Museum of Art and Design in New York and its Curator of Olfactory Art Chandler Burr are going to present their first exhibit The Art of Scent starting November 13, 2012. The exhibit will run till January 13 2013. The components of the exhibit are currently being developed. As was announced previously in the MAD press release, “the first exhibition planned, The Art of Scent, 1889-2011, will allow visitors to experience ten seminal works by some of the greatest scent artists of the late-19th, 20th and early-21st centuries.” Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2012 at Bois de Jasmin
You're most welcome! :)
I've added your comment on boxes to the other we have already. It's something worth stressing. I regret tossing boxes for the Guerlain fragrances I bought in the 1990s.
Sometimes I know right away if something is going to love or not. Others, it takes longer. But yes, I can't imagine buying a perfume without testing it on skin. Blotter is such a poor substitute.
:) That's it! Passion is always contagious.
And now you can do the same thing! :) Added your comment to Unseencenser's.
A good one! And such an important piece of advice to keep in mind. A perfume is more than just the sum of its parts.
Thank you, great, helpful ideas. And your last point bears repeating, because our own tastes and opinions are most crucial.