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Vicki's Parade
Portland, Oregon
I have two sons, Christopher and Nicholas. Then there is MoMo, our eight year old keeshond. I am a nurse, writer and artist.
Interests: Travel, studio glass, birding, and writing top the list but I can get interested in almost anything. I am always up for reading a good book.
Recent Activity
In Paris, Au Pied Couchon for the crepes Grand Marnier. I swear, you are going to want to lick the plate clean. And their flambé goes sky high and I always get nervous they are going to set the red velvet drapes on fire. La droguerie is a fascinating little store crammed to the gills with precious treasures...beautiful delicate silk flowers, unique buttons, gorgeous ribbon. Speaking of ribbon, there is Mokuba. I love strolling through Jardin du is a photographer’s delight. I wrote a small book about it with accompanying photos. If you head over to Place de Madeleine you can buy wild strawberries at Hediards to eat with a cookies from their tin. Fauchon is a delight and that is where I pick up their fruit pates (jellies) my favorite is apricot, blackberry tea and an amazing choice of fresh desserts you can take to-go or eat in the cafe upstairs. And around the corner, Maison du Chocolat for almond nougat dipped in chocolate. It is my favorite city, hands down. The Marías district is fun to stroll thru, especially along the water. Printemps has perhaps the best scarf department I have ever seen. If you love antique buttons, go see Irma the button lady at the market at Saint Ouen. Paris is a surprise every day. Just walk out the door and start walking. Poke your nose into the bakeries...grab an escargot (sweet roll studded with raisins and a hot chocolate. Now is the perfect time to be in Paris if you are stuffing an Easter basket. The candy stores are filled to overflowing with beautiful molded bunnies in all sizes, candied almonds and studded chocolate eggs.
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When you post pictures of Annie, my heart goes soft and I get teary.
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I love when tulips begin to dwindle, too. There is a fragility about them that is just beautiful. They sigh and surrender, no longer resisting the pull of gravity, the petals curling into themselves, and their flowers develop the texture of crepe like my beautiful grandmother’s skin as she approached her nineties.
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Sweet peas...they are so fragile and have the most delectable fragrance.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2019 on Violets the Bravest Flower at French la Vie
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Dear Corey, Have a blessed Christmas with all those in your life you love the most. Thank you for the daily gift of sharing your life and family with all of us.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2012 on The First Christmas at French la Vie
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For 32 years we have put a now faded red and white construction paper angel on top of the Christmas tree. It was created by our son Christopher when he was five. He forgot the halo and it has a crooked smile that watches over us during holiday. It is my most prized ornament.
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I was riding a tandem bike with a friend in nursing school one fine fall day. A German Shepard puppy and his mom came after the bike.. The pup ran directly into the side of the bike and took us down. Helen tore the knees out of her new white jeans and I ended up with a shattered radial head. Had surgery, allergic react to the meds and paper tape, fainted in the airport on my was home to recuperate, and to this day, have a crooked elbow that pops and grinds. May your healing be speedy and uneventful. Be kind to yourself and let others help.
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