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I hope you beat him senseless.
My son is adopted but we were able to be at the birth. What bugged me was that my husband didnt want to call into work so I was the one who had to meet the girl and her entire family (her, her boyfriend(not the dad), her mom, dad, grandma, step mom, step dad, sister and I think the family dog. At 6am. My MIL came by after her work at 3pm to bring me food, saw the mess of family and refused to leave till I was tucked into a room with the baby across the building from the birth family. DH managed to get to the hospital after his work in time to give me a quick kiss and be kicked out for delivery. (this part was planned, hospital rule, only 2 in the delivery room besides the mom- so her mom and I attended) I was mentally exhausted by the time the baby was born at 6:44 pm.
I LOVES RFML!! so of course when they say to go read something, I do :) I totally make "first world problem" jokes all the time. I liked you on FB just now and I am glad I did!! My foster son is only 18 months old so right now his favorite "song" to dance to is either the Happy Nappers Jingle or the theme music from YoGabbaGabba. But he'll dance to just about anything. Of course as soon as I pull out the camera he stops. (yes another first world problem :P) We're expecting a second boy in December via private adoption so I'm hoping you'll pick me cause 2 in diapers scares me, and I like the Slip ons for DFS cause he is a squirmer. But to save $$ to pay for his "brother"s adoption fees, he's usually in store brand diapers. (yet another first world problem- at least we HAVE diapers for him!)
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Nov 14, 2011