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I am looking forward to learning more about this approach! Thanks, Rachel!
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"If I told you the same story but instead of a mother and child it was a husband speaking to his wife would you excuse the behavior? What if it was an adult talking to their elderly parent? Would it be okay then? Would we say "Maybe they were having a hard day." and see their behavior as okay? Or would we expect them to find a way in which to heal their own hurts so that they could treat their partner or parent with the respect that they deserve? I think - and hope - it would be the latter." It bears repeating.
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What a beautiful life and legacy. I can see her in you. Peace and love to you and your family as you celebrate her life.
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This is my truth as well. Thank you for so beautifully articulating what my heart knows. As always, you are an inspiration.
We love these! We have been making them for several years using a combination of GF grain and seed flours - basically our regular pancake recipe.
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Thank you!!!! Wonderful ideas that will be implemented in our home this year!!!
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I'm in too! I have the book and would love to read through it with you and the rest of these beautiful people.
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Mar 25, 2011