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Environmental damage caused to public lands by illicit crops? What damage? Cannabis plants enrich the soil, they don't damage it. It also is the plant which absorbs the most C02. The world governments' reluctance to legalizing cannabis stems from the enormous pressures they endure from the pharmaceutical corporations which would face bankruptcy were this amazing plant legalized. Apart from its medical and recreational virtues, cannabis/hemp seeds are the most nutritious food there is, being the richest vegetablel source of protein, vitamin E, and Omega 3. One can make plastic stronger than steel with hemp, Porsche cars have hemp plastic bodies for this reason. The best quality and most enduring paper of all is made from hemp. Textiles made from hemp are wonderful, and hemp ropes are the sturdiest ropes of all and do not rot. One can make excellent fuel from hemp, and the leaves make remarkable and nutritious fodder for cattle. There are many other products one can make with hemp. No wonder Big Oil, the auto industry, and the wood-pulp industry feel threatened by hemp and do their utmost (mostly lobbying of politicians and governments) to keep it illegal.
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2009 on A pot tax? at L.A. NOW
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Poor lady - she can neither deal with Limbaugh's hateful lies nor with Olbermann's patriotic truths. I guess advanced old age has something to do with it.
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And what is wrong with spreading the wealth? Of course, McCain and his ilk prefer that the wealth be kept and amassed by a tiny minority while keeping those who create that wealth - the workers - in poverty and obedient slavery.
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