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Bert Vierstra
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Tsja, je blogpost was in het Engels, dus ik dacht ik blijf in stijl. Maar goed, het is "stil" geworden rond Karel. Wanneer ben je hem uit het oog verloren? Hier een foto die ik ooit van hem nam: (1980 ergens)
BEEP, wrong spelling of his last name.... its Labey :( Now there is a lot to find on the net :)
He lived on a houseboat, I visited him once there. He was still "ok". Last time I saw him (must be around 1999 (give or take a few years)) he had grown "fat" because of medication he used (anti psychotic meds). A looong time ago I found some poetry of him (on the net) in a magazine made by/for psychiatric patients. I also visited his family once, can't remember the place they live... else I would try to call. I first met Karel (who then still used Jan-Karel as first name) around 1979. He then studied piano, he even composed a short piece dedicated to me.....
Hi, I am an old friend of Karel Labeij, and I wonder if you know more about his whereabouts.
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Aug 9, 2011