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Vijay Chittoor
San Francisco, CA
Co-founder & CEO, Blueshift Labs (current) & Mertado (acquired by Groupon)
Interests: running, hiking, traveling, skiing, reading fiction, trivia.
Recent Activity
I recently watched Peter Jacksons's Hobbit, which has been shot in 48 fps. That means that the 170 minute long movie uses nearly 489,000 frames. And this is only the first part of a trilogy. At this rate, the full... Continue reading
I am reading "Where Wizards Stay Up Late", a book that tracks the Origins of the Internet from ARPAnet. A key step in the development of the Internet was the IMP (Interface Message Processors) Project floated by ARPA. The company... Continue reading
Other retailers pride themselves on being a one-stop shop. However, at Mertado, we are pretty excited about our launch of no-stop shop: with our Embedded Shops you can discover cool new products every day without interrupting what you are doing... Continue reading
Here's a piece I did on using Predictive Analytics on web data that was published in Inc. Magazine sometime back: Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
I was hanging out in the Mission yesterday with a friend and checked-in to Dog Eared Books on Foursquare. I was intrigued to see an ad for a "special nearby": Foursquare told me that if I check-in nearby at Her... Continue reading
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Jan 16, 2010