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Continuous progress in technology is the only thing that keeps America ahead of other countries inspite of the recession and mounting debt due to war and financial crisis. But how is investing in clean energy helps? I am a little confused here you may want to substantiate the article a little. 30 second smile|30 second smile review
hmm well it makes sense what krugman says. with the US economy in recession partly due to global financial crisis and then due to billions spent on war, we need to ensure that we are not leaving any opportunity for generating extra revenue via trade to other countries. it might drive prices locally but keeping trade globalized is a good strategy for long term. 30 second smile|30 second smile review
I was indeed surprised that you picked this as the best answer. But when i thought about it more ATM's really did changed the world in a very big way. 30 second smile|30 second smile review
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on In praise of the ATM at Dani Rodrik's weblog
In the last paragraph, you mentioned just as economist are capable of improving market institutions they should play a role in improving the government institutions too. In an ideal world, this would be a dream scenario but unfortunately too many external and internal pressures causes government to loose it's way. So much so that a president like obama from which everyone had high hopes appears to be struggling every single day he remains in the white house. I believe if the government is able to achieve even 50% of what it promised in all sectors like industrial growth, education, employment etc then one should term it a very good government. 30 second smile|30 second smile review
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Jun 29, 2011