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I think the understanding of how assimilation actually occurs is lacking in America. Rarely is there an advocate that tells you the rules any longer or if there is an advocate that many times is some beauacracy that no vested interest in the success of who it serves. I learned how to act and sociatal expectations by the training of my parents. They learned form their parents and so on and so on. Imagine being here without that natural support system in place. That's where most immigrants are. I contend that there are many others who are not immigrants who lack the same structure. I'm not suggesting that parents should rely on others to edcuate them exclusively or we need to dumb things down to get things done. Schools are community entities and serve at the local level, so they need to put in place structures that allow people to succeed and to do that with respect. A PSA is not enough to teach, it is merely a reminder of things we should already know.
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Jan 7, 2011