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I'll admit to being a bit obsessive about sound quality. I've ripped everything in a lossless format called FLAC, using dBpoweramp. From there I can convert to what ever other format I need - so the FLAC is my RAW archive. I also have a complete conversion to the highest quality mp3 that I can get for use on the iPod for the car. I'm debating putting apple lossless on my iPhone since that's what I listen to when I'm in a restaurant or coffee shop and I want to block out distractions. The lossless sounds less harsh to me. But the files are 5x larger and 20G doesn't cover much in the lossless format. I've been using a set of Shure E4s for a number of years - expensive but worth it.
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Take a look at Canson Baryta Photographique for glossy. I agree the Harmon is really nice but I thought try and have two choices that I was happy with for the same reasons. I like the Epson Hotpress Natural - it's close enough to my current Ultrasmooth Fine Art that when they discontinue USFA (rumors) I'll be ok - actually I like it enough I may switch anyway. I actually like the Hotpress Bright better and if I can get past the fact that the Optical Brighteners are going to fade away in 20-30 years and it will end up looking like Natural, I might go for it. I'm also looking at a couple matte papers from Premier - we'll see. I've never been fond of toothy papers so I'd agree about the Luster. I did see a paper that I really liked the look of - but not the feel - Lexjet Sunset Metallic - if you can get past the feel (really only an issue for us old Darkroom guys I think) - it's really a beautiful paper for glossy work. Very thin though so careful handling (more than usual)
I'm on the virge of getting one of these out of shear paranoia - When I travel I take the MacBook Pro, and multiple external drives and it never seems like enough :)
Interestingly Amazon uses a typical 3 column layout with a floating middle and fixed right and left column size. Wikipedia uses a 3 column layout with the left column fixed and floats the two right most columns. Both of these layouts can be found by searching for css 3 column layouts. The code is a more than a bit devious because of the way they defined DIVs. What they need to do is define a few new types, specifically, COLUMNS, and GRIDS (I'd say TABLE but they already messed that up and we can hardly reuse it now). I picked these two since that's what everyone is now using DIVs to do. Yes it can be done (with some limitations) with DIV but why make everything an order of magnitude harder?. When your creating a "new" method of page layout it seems rather short sighted to ignore all the work that's come before.
I can sympathize but HTML and CSS are relatively simple programming languages when compared to C or C++ which are used to write applications such as Photoshop. You are in essence writing a program that will be interpreted by the browser - not too different that writing a program in Pearl or Python. A good code editor will help, by automatically inserting closing braces, and verifying other syntax as you type. My biggest complaint with the current generation of web tools is that browsers lack the ability to scale images based on window size / screen resolution. If they would build that in and use tags on the image to determine min/max scale it would make doing an HTML portfolio a better experience. I'm not fond of using Flash or SilverLight for this (too much overhead). Having looked at the code generated by Dreamweaver, I decided I'd rather just code mine by hand (picky programmer with too much spare time). Another Oddity of web development, Statistics say that users don't like to scroll, yet the BLOG is becoming one of the most common web page formats and it is if nothing else primarily a scrolling layout - go figure.
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