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As an American, I naturally hate Crosby for breaking my heart in the Olympics....but the early reports about Crosby being set to skip the All-Star game came from an unknown 'source' which wasn't even given, and Crosby himself said he doesn't plan on missing it, and you still seem to believe the 'source.'
Hey Saab no need to cry about it...I'm just saying, he shouldn't be handing out money to his stupid girlfriend, he should be helping animals, the rest of his life.
Brendan Shanahan says Sidney Crosby called him yesterday to assure him, if he's physically able to play, he intends on taking part in All Star weekend in Raleigh, North Carolina. "He couldn't have been more co-operative," Shanahan told TSN. "There was no anger, or suggestion of protest." "He said he was excited about the weekend and the draft," Shanahan added. Shanahan says in voting for the captains, participating players asked about Crosby's health and whether he would be able to take on a captains role, which Shanahan says meant a lot to Crosby. "The respect for Sid by his peers has never been higher." As much as the National Hockey League values Crosby's presence in Raleigh, Shanahan says his message to the Penguins captain was to focus on getting healthy. "I told him to focus on recovery and his injury and not to worry abou the All Star game," Shanahan said. "His focus should be on getting healthy for the Penguins."
He should have given the $100,000 to the ASPCA or something...
Football is going down the drain big-time in my eyes...players being penalized for hits, touching the Quarterback (well only the elit quarterbacks, Vick can be pummeled all the time, but don't you dare tap Manning on his helmet). Nowadays the most interesting thing about football is DeSean Jackson and his celebrations. People get so mad at what he did against the Cowboys/Giants, but forget it's something that happens in a split just want to rub it in their faces. And I'm okay with it. DeSean Jackson is making $800,000. If he is the best receiver in the league at this salary, he can talk all he wants.
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Jan 6, 2011