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I loved it, Joe. For "Intelligent information, can be retrieved and assembled by users in a multitude of ways and used to construct answers that exactly match their unique circumstances — that answer their questions."... the challenge is the unpredictability and the complexity in the customer journey. Can we prepare our content systems around customers' context that changes anytime for any reason, on any device? Possibly yes for 2020 but not sure for 2022. PS: It is like raising content as our kids so that it becomes self-sufficient, but under our governance!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2019 on Looking for Answers at The Content Philosopher
Great insights into *Content as a concept*. I particularly like it when you say "One way asks about how best to design and manage the content assets so as to be ready to support many different publishing channels. The second way directs attention to the processes whereby content assets will be assembled into, and published as, information products that achieve both organizational goals and individual needs." So, *Content* is whatever we plan, develop, publish, distribute, and analyze, and *Information* is what the users get. It is like *Recipe* and *Dish*, for chef and customer respectively.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2015 on The Birth of Content at The Content Philosopher
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Dec 16, 2015