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Thirsty grad student
Interests: Music, museums, art, travel, food, wine
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THANK YOU for this: "Deep down I don't really care what Steve Heimoff or Robert Parker thinks about me, or about my blog, and I'm sure that they feel the same way about me and about other bloggers. I write a wine blog because I have a passion for wine, love to write, and I enjoy the wine community that I've found online." Such a well-written post and love the incorporation of literature. Nice work, Ben!
What a gorgeous display of wines! I have yet to try the Albarino but I really shouldn't delay the inevitable any longer. :)
The 100% roussanne stunned me at first, as I know it to usually be blended with other varietals, but I really fell for it. It is made by a small operation in Oregon, actually. The winery is J. Scott Cellars, and the winemaker, Jonathan Oberlander, also produces a lovely pinot noir (naturally, as it is Oregon and all).
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on And Flights of Angels Sing Thee at Maker’s Table
Although not Bonny Doon, I recently drank a wine made with 100% roussanne for the first time and adored it. It seemed to bring out more of the terroir we have talked about before, than some of the other white wine varietals I have tried. It struck me as a grape that makes a very frenchie wine. :)
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2010 on And Flights of Angels Sing Thee at Maker’s Table
Excellent writing, my friend. I completely identified with the feelings you expressed, and I love the way in which you used the wine as the consistency factor when everything else about the situation was falling apart. I look forward to more "introspection" from you in the future!
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on The Best Part of Us at Vinotology Wine Blog
I really hope Blood Into Wine plays at the little artsy theater here in Eugene. You can't go wrong with movies + wine. Maybe all the wine bloggers need to schedule a night where everyone goes to see the flick and we share our thoughts about it via Twitter.
Excellent, I can't wait! Is it the Stronghold wine you have been saving?
I love your profiles of wine and vineyards from a state that rarely makes an appearance on wine lists or in hoity-toity magazine articles. Thanks for sharing!
That is a great idea to have all your guests bring a bottle of wine. I never thought of that! It really involves them all in the process, which I think is especially important if someone is new to wine. Less intimidating and it engages more with the individual's comfort zone, at least for part of the tasting.
Love your rating system of wine glasses! Somehow works better for my non-expert mind than the 100 point rating system at this point.
I have never hosted a wine tasting party before but would love to hear about how your formatted yours. How did you select the wines? Did you have all your participants maintain a scoring card? Thanks!
I can't wait for your reviews on the wines. Although I am from AZ, the only wine I have tasted from there is the barrio from Page Springs Vineyards, which still gets some of its grapes from California. The documentary looks very entertaining, I hope it makes its way up to Oregon! is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 30, 2009