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Stuttgart, Germany
About to finish my degree in History, Eastern European Studies and Judaic Studies and just starting Waldorf teacher training in Stuttgart- just moved there from Berlin. Living together with my to black cats Baba Jaga and Laila.
Interests: music, gardening, hiking, reading, crafts, baking, nature, singing
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Kris at Resweater is having a giveaway of one free sweater from her shop or a funky hat (made from repurposed sweaters): Thanks for the chance to win and the fun! Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
Herbal Roots Zine is having a great giveaway of a Produkt- a set of cards: "Today, I am excited to offer up a pack of the Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards! These cards are a deck of 48 “beautiful nineteenth-century botanical illustrations…accompanied by text describing the appearances and uses of the plant – introduce readers to a range of natural remedies, from golden seal to St. John’s wort.” List of cards: basil, bay, burdock, calamus, camphor, castor bean, chamomile, clove, coltsfoot, comfrey, dandelion, echinacea, elder, elecampane, evening primrose, foxglove, golden seal, horehound, horse chestnut, juniper, lavender, lemon balm,... Continue reading
I feel bad that i've been neglecting my blog, especially with all the new readers :( I have been preparing for the Fiber In The Park show next weekend, so I haven't been posting any new tutorials. I promise i'll get something up after the show. Until then, so you don't get bored ;), i'll have a giveaway for any 1 sweater from my shop (or even in my inventory, if you have a specific color in mind that I don't have listed). Even the cashmere is included! via Kris from "Reuse, Recycle, Resweater" is giving away a sweater... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 14, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
Mama’s Herbal Soaps came into being over a decade ago inspired by my Great Grandmother ‘Mama’ and her love of soap making and nature, my childhood which was spent running wild and free in the forest, and my overwhelming desire to be at home with my children. via Organic Sister and Mama´s Herbal Soaps are having a giveaway- be sure to join! If I could pick from their shop, I would get a hemp bag for hanging the soap in the shower and scrubbing your body and the Chai Tea Soap Bar or the Tea Tree Rosemary and Mint... Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 7, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
I´m working and reading (for my thesis) at a friend´s house south of Munich, can see the Alps from my window and "Zugspitze" from the balcony and several lakes are nearby. Lots of different birds can also be watched. Yesterday I saw a blindworm on the patio and some days ago a hedgehog was visiting me while I was reading down in the garden... We collect wild apples falling down from the tree and make aplesauce from them and put them in cereal and in salads.Great surroundings here- would love to live here for a longer time and experience the... Continue reading
Rhythm of the Home, a great online magazine, just came out with its autumn issue. Check it out- it´s as rich in ideas and articles as autumn is abundant in fruit and colours and things to harvest! And, they are having a great giveaway! Continue reading
I blogged about it as well: violaho (at) gmx (dot)net
And another earth day giveaway: Little Acorn Learning is giving away a free May Childcare Guide: Thanks so much! Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
via "Imaginechildhood" ( is having a giveaway for the 40th anniversary of Earth-Day! Awesome stuff for exploring nature and saving our planet as well. They also sell a variety of great thins in their shop: Thanks so much for that opportunity and your giving! Continue reading
Reblogged Apr 25, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
Happy Earth Day! I love especially the mountains and the sea!!! I connect to nature by growing veggies and herbs in my own little garden and by taking nature walks/hikes... violaho (at) gmx (dot)net
Hah, I read trough the other posts and found "TeddyStartedIt" in Texas planned to do the same for this Easter (big filled/stuffed eggs)- did not see it before I posted my little "tutorial". Anyway- Teddy, how did they come out? Any pictures? Viola from Germany.
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Thanks for sharing, Nicole! That reminds me of something different I did when I was a kid- in involves paper mache as well- and a balloon (and paint, maybe finish, a piece of ribbon, long needle/knitting needle, scissors, easter grass, treasures): Take the balloon and inflate it to your desired egg size. Then cover it in various layers of paper mache mush (I think we hung it on a clothes line and fixed it there with clips for being able to work on all sides of it without it sticking to the table). Be sure to add enough layers and then let it dry completey- might take from one to three days... Then you take a needle (e.g. from knitting) long enough and poke into it to destroy the balloon. Be sure to poke at a place not very prominent on the egg- next step is to cut the egg open vertically (from "smaller tip to broader tip")- now you have to egg halves. Paint them with colours and, if you want to use them outside, secondly, with some non-toxic finish to make them waterproof. Now you can add a little easter-grass and fill them with your desired easter gifts/treasures or self-made sweets, close the two halves and adorn them with a ribbon to have them stay shut... Enjoy- inspired by the huge chocolate bonboniere eggs (sooo expensive) seen in the shops when I was a kid- never got one so I found a tutorial and decided to do them myself;-) A little late for this year, but maybe next year for easter.... Spring regards from Germany, Viola.
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1 reply love/relationships.... Thanks for that chance to win!
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I blogged about it: Special Easter Greetings from Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany to Angela as well-and to all of you!
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Garden Mama is having a another great giveaway- Angela, who crafts these awesome toys, grew up in Germany and is now living in the US! Thanks to both of you for that awesome giveaway- my fav are the rootchildren!!! Aren´t they just wonderful? That´s the three part giveaway- bird, tree and sheep- just gorgous! Continue reading
Wow what lovely root-children! Thanks for that giveaway! Would love to win to built up stock for my nature tables to be...
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Happy Easter to come and Happy Birthday to Benjamin! Great you can celebrate together...-and think of the precious cat Edgar who lived with you (I imagine he is in cat´s heaven by now...-or is he still with you). I´m a big cat-lover myself, 32 years old now, grew up with cats (picked our beloved cat "Butzi" as a kitten when I was about four and she died when I was away from my parents in Germany doing a Peace Service in the US when I was 21) and have two black furballs (named Baba Jaga and Laila) now myself.... Kindest regards from Berlin, Germany, Viola.
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What an awesome giveaway! Would love to win a root child or the book or the fabric stash...Thanks a lot for the chance to win!
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Ahh-and I LOVE your pictures- they look magical and mystical...what do your kids think/feel about the move? Viola.
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Wow, that looks so beautiful- where is it (which state)? I wish you all the best for your new start, nice neighbours and that you may feel the energy coming with changes...-I felt it myself, having moved just 4 weeks ago and still feel it...I´m in awe for you hosting these giveaways and blogging regularly while moving- I could not do that- did not have the time and concentration to do it... Kind regards from Stuttgart, Germany, Viola.
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"Enfys" is Welsh for "Rainbow". It is pronounced "Enn-viss.I love Rainbows and lots of colour. You can see this in my work which is designing and writing crochet patterns which I sell on my site "Rainbow Valley ".I also do a whole load of other crafts and decided a blog was the right place to bring them all together, especially as they constantly overlap in real life. via Colours of Enfys is having a Nearly Easter Giveaway: you can win three handmade egg warmers in the shape of cute animals...Thanks!!! Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2010 at ~~~Life´s journey and connections~~~
Wow, how generous! If I won, I´d take the egg dying kit, the crayon rocks, the binoculars, the pocket guide to constellations, the Wildflower and Tree Leaves Posters, the cloudspotter´s guide, Plant Dyed Watercolor Paints by Artemis, Artemis Plant Dyed Color Pencils, the books "Green Fingers and Muddy Boots", "The Secret Garden", "Winter, Awake!", "Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip", "Owl Moon", "Rascal", and "A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky", Echo™ Pocket Scopes, the Children's Organic Medicinal Herb Garden Kit, the Four Sisters Heirloom Seed Kit, various rocks and minerals, a Parent's Striker Firestarter,a Classic 2 Tier Tiffin Lunch Set, Lyra Wax-O-Glas Window Crayons, Fair Trade Wool Raccoon Hats & Mittens and Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game... Well, I know I´m already wayyyy beyond the very generous 100$ gift certificate, and would have to make up my mind- they just have such a lot of really awesome resources there and I´m just starting with Waldorf teacher training, will hopefully teach a class of my own from fall 2011 on and still have to get started with acquiring tools and books and.... Thanks again for this possibility to win AND chance/reminder to check natural kids blog and shop once again!!!
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I´m not married yet, that´s why no wedding ring yet;-) Anyway, my grandmother was very fond of gemstone necklaces and from the ones I inherited from her (she died March 10th, already six years ago) I wear the amethyst, rose-quarz and lapislazuli the most- depending on the colour of my pullover/shirt! Thanks for this giveaway! Apart from the jewelry I inherited, I rarely have a lot and would LOVE to own some pearl necklace....
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Sponsor Giveaway :: The Vintage Pearl at Steady Mom
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