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This site is not what it used to be. :( Time to remove it from my bookmarks and move on I suppose...
@CordCutter Yeah, the show is pretty dumb. I'm pretty sure the vampires could not shape shift or go out in daylight in the movie. There's some good elements to the show, but the movie is so much better.
@nipsey I'm frustrated about that as well. As far as I can tell, there's no way to do it except the tedious process of manually removing the titles from queue A and then adding them all to queue B one by one... I want to move all of my titles to my own IQ and leave the original IQ for her. This feature is a welcome addition, but did Netflix not take into account what a royal pain it will be for someone to remove and then re-add possibly HUNDREDS of titles to a new queue for a girlfriend, child(ren), etc?!
Wowsers. There has not been any real news on this site in a long time now.
I guess we can say good bye to Nickelodoen streaming content in the near future. Not that I watch most of it. The only good Nick is the classic stuff like Salute Your Shorts. Hey Dude, You Can't Do that On Television, Pete and Pete, etc. And none of those shows are available to stream.
LOL! Since when does "blockbuster" movie = good? Stop sucking Hollywoods tit, Jonathan.
LOL! Gaystation Vita...
"2) The people who love streaming and hate DVD-by-mail don't care about quality, or at least are willing to sacrifice quality for convenience. Even HD content is seriously compressed when streamed, except for the expensive VUDU HDX. Even VUDU HDX isn't as high quality as Blu-Ray, and obviously requires more buffering time than lower-quality content." Never forget that the average Joe spent most of the 80's and 90's watching movies on craptastic VHS tapes with low res tube televisions. Many of them only switched over to DVD because they were forced to.
"Yet another reason to support your local, independent video store. If your town still has one, cherish it." 1995 called and they want their comment back.
Yeah, it's gone now, but it definitely was up this morning. Too bad.. I didn't bother to watch any while it was up. Oh well, looks like it's coming soon either way.
Good catch with The Walking Dead, Joe. I'm surprised that one slipped under the radar. Looks like Netflix is definitely making good use with the millions they saved not renewing the Starz deal.
Uhm, Qwikster hasn't even launched yet. You're jumping the gun a bit making that assumption.
The Wonder Years and Malcom in the Middle! That's more like it!
Likewise been having trouble in CO, but this has been going on for over 2 weeks now. It works some days, but more often than not my Wii app displays "Connecting to Netflix..." at the bottom of the screen and then goes to "Retrieving titles.." before it stalls out with a "Cannot connect to Netflix" error prompting me to try again. You can try a 100 times with no success. I'm also unable to stream on my computer. It stalls at "Loading 7%" and then gives me the error "N8106-106." It was working fine last night, but is yet again down to today. Multiple calls to Netflix and my ISP have failed to resolve it. They just do the 'point the finger' at the other guy routine.. "Everything looks fine on our end. Call the other guy." *sigh* I love WI, but this is getting to be too much.
WTF? Amazon gets The Wonder Years but Netflix does not(despite previously announcing they were going to!)? That's some serious BS...
Who cares. Go away Blockbuster.
Why not just use a cell phone with internet access?
Total fail. Go away Walmart.
The Wii can stream Hulu? WTF?
How about they come up with something original instead of just copying Netflix. Blockbuster and Walmart already tried this and failed pretty miserable at it...
"Time to go back to flip-books I guess. ;-P" Good idea. Most of the idiots on here having a spaz attack over technical difficulties need to start doing this. Does anyone have a life anymore? Jesus..
Sadly, I don't think The Wonder Years is ever coming.
What a shocker. Every time there's a price increase, the comment section is flooded. Some of you are such spoiled douchebags it frankly makes me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Hey, you forgot to mention Voyager is streaming as well.