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Violet Fox
Dewey Editor
Interests: 001.944, 383.122, 419.7, 741.5, 917.04
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Michael has been so helpful to making Dewey better and I will miss his insight during meetings. Sending all my best wishes to him for a lovely retirement. Looking forward to seeing him around Capitol Hill!
Hi Roberta, you would need an RSS reader to subscribe to the blog. This can be done via an RSS reader app (for example, Feedly), or through your Internet browser. You can find information about choosing a reader app at this link: or enabling the RSS reader ability within your Internet browser via this link:
Hi Danica, thanks for your question. We don't distinguish between the cultural and medical models of deafness in Dewey (yet??), because it would be hard for classifiers to ascertain which model a particular resources is implementing unless the author specifically states it. You can find many cultural and social works by/about Deaf people at 305.9082 and 362.42, both of which would contain works that explore D/deafness from a sociological perspective, as opposed to numbers in the 610 hierarchy. I'm happy for any thoughts you have for creating more clarity for classifiers; please get in touch at [email protected] if you'd like to continue the conversation!
Hi Danica, thanks for your question. I'm sorry that we didn't see it until last week, we don't get notifications for blog comments. We didn't have captioning available during this webinar, but you can find the editors' scripts in the speaker's notes of the PowerPoint presentation, available here: We've asked about possibilities for captioning our next webinar. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions about accessibility or about revising Dewey.
That link has been corrected, thanks!
Hi Brieanna, sorry I didn't notice your comment earlier! I saw your post on the TCMMF Facebook group, you've got some great suggestions there, but we're happy to provide any further help if you'd like to email [email protected] This summer we had a post where we featured a few people's Dewey-related tattoos: . I hope your tattoo brings you a lot of joy!
Ann has already found the email address for questions, but in case others are curious, the editors can always be reached at dewey [at]
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Aug 9, 2012