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ok, I have to say something about Barbara Corcoran too, I read her book before I became a real estate agent in Seattle, with Her book, Tommy Hopkins book, but my favorite of all time is the Millionaire Real Estate agent book by Gary Keller! Why, not only is it solid, it has great examples and stories. But the guy emailed, little old me a real estate agent in Seattle, because I had a question for him, Gary, you get my accolades so much, I switched from being the rookie of the year in 2004 of the 10th biggest office of 2400 offices of that other company, to joining your KW North Seattle office. Sorry for the plug, but that book was even recommended reading at that Cold Brew company if you all know what I mean!
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Hi Tim, I just wanted to say Go Bears, I grew up watching the Bears, Vikings, and Packers. And, I wanted to say that I loved hearing "You are looking live at the Soldier Field in Chicago>>" That to me meant football. As a teenager, I had the pleasure of walking next to Soldier Field, and I went back a few weeks ago, and I tell you, the new stadium is awesome. My editor for my blog, lives in Chicago, our companies first client outside of Seattle came from Chicago, my sister lives in Chicago. So I have to support Chi-town, and yes the easiest MLS I have worked with so far is Chicago's MLSNI. Well, now back to why business s make it, and why they don't? Great leadership, can Lovey set a good example. Hey will you plug in for my and work with Evan a little, his last name is Thoreau!
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