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Virginia McKenna
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I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating this must be especially with the work you do. I can only hope it gets resolved sooner rather than later. I just wish I had a magic spindle to spin round and fix that computer.
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I purchased the book yesterday as soon as I read it was available. It is such a great idea and a way to learn more about about this breed. I look forward to knitting the patterns and reading about Shetland sheep.
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I usually have problems with having too many fabrics with the same tones or values. I'm trying to purchase fabrics that are considered lights or neutral and more dark values.
I just want to put my hands through my computer screen to touch the washed wool. I'm so excited now to wash my fleece and get to spinning. Do you mind if I pin a few of the pics? Thanks again for sharing your love of sheep.
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Deb, thanks so much for the additional information about Columbia fleece. I just recently purchased your Fleece and Fiber book, which is fabulous; full of information. I've also recently acquired a set on small combs, prior I was trying to use dog combs. I just ordered a 4oz bottle of Power Scour from Unicorn Fiber this evening. So I should be ready to process my first fleece, something new to learn. Thanks again for your advice. Virginia
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I was recently given a portion of a Columbia fleece. I was told it was washed but it still smells and seems to be greasy. It also is full of vegetable matter. This comes at a perfect time for me as this will be my first fleece to clean and spin.
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I would love to have the Sweet Sixteen. Hopefully sometime in the future. What a great way to celebrate your friendship.
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Nov 26, 2010