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Eva Virginius
Helsingborg, Sweden
Working 100% for GOD
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GOD had already told me I should live in Virginia because of my last name that I got in the 80´s. People was so surprised that my last name was Virginius and I lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia one year before I took the flight back to Sweden.
Hi, Oh Yeah...sure the LORD have led me to a special area of people. I lived a normal life but my marriage wasn´t good so I was on my way to make a suicide, this was in year 2000. I lived in Sweden and it was when my husband was in the hospital GOD Almighty and Jesus come home to me and my daughter who was 15 in that time was at home. GOD saved my daughter directly and she joined a church next day but with me did GOD made it so that I saw no other way than to leave everything behind me and take the flight to USA. I didn´t where to go in USA as I didn´t knew any person but I arrived in Seattle, WA. it was in December 18, 2000 But it wasn´t that place GOD wanted me to be in so in February 2001 had I arrived to Florida with a flight even if I had no money for a flight. I had no income but still did I come to Virginia Beach in March 2001 and later in Portsmouth said GOD to me inside my head that I should go an registrate a church. When I told the woman that filled in the application for me in the office in the city hall that I should start a church did she asked what was the name of the church. I had no name so I asked GOD inside my head and HE said the prayer of healing church. He said I should built the HIS last church in Portsmouth. GOD did let me go in USA for 3 and half years without money or any help from people. I was homeless for 2 and half years and had nowhere to go. I had no money to fly home with and worse did it when after September 11, 2001. I come back to Sweden almost dead. My Doctor in Sweden thought I had cancer because I had no so much blood so he said I must leak blood inside me but I had no cancer. It took me 6 years to be o.k. after been in USA. I was in USA in 3 and half years and that is the same amount of years Jesus was walking with the disciples. I didn´t knew anything about Jesus and the Bible before I come to USA but today am I an ordained Pastor in Florida but I live in Sweden.
That is a common tool from Satan to tell you that you can´t preach. It is satan that is telling you all those negative words to you, not God. GOD will help you, that is what he is talking about the whole time in the Bible and God tell you to open your mouth and He will put words in your mouth when ever you need to speak out. Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2011 at Eva Virginius's blog
Sometimes do I recording myself and talk about things out from my heart. This video is about getting reward for the work we do here on earth. Some people think that GOD doesn´t reward or kill today and that GOD do it only in heaven after the judgement. But I know He can do it as fast as 20 min. after someone have been kind or evil to me. Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2011 at Eva Virginius's blog
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Aug 17, 2011