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Of course you could not. Should not. In fact, I probably should not have done so either. But... ;-) Thanks for the post. You may add midwifery to your CV, as you've helped birth a new marginalia post on my blog, a topic which accelerates my pulse and ink stains my fingers. Cheers!
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2013 on Marginalia at Harriet Devine's Blog
I'd be ticked with a tutor — or even a friend — muddling my margins without first asking permission, all the more so when he assured me that it would one day increase the value of my copy (arrogant prig!) While I don't NEED to write in the margins to fully own a book, rare is the occasion I make it spine-to-spine without charting my course in the white space. I'm amazed how many commenters in this post have recoiled or at least scoffed at the practice. What a bunch of prudish ninnies. Okay, I'm hot-talking, in part because I too sometimes abstain. This is especially the case in handsomely bound hard cover books. Yes, I too am a bit prudish, I admit. And yet paperbacks welcome my pen like the lonely girl hugging the wall at the dance. "Spill your ink on my virgin margins!", she practically gushes. I flatter myself? Perhaps. And yet, I can't help but believe that marginalia is as human an instinct as humming in the shower (and as handy a tool as those blessed commonplace books you're all on about.) Try it, folks. You may quickly be hooked. And for those who lament reading a text marred with previous readers' marginalia, I say fair enough. Library books are off limits. And borrowed books. But your own paperback books? Dive in. It's sheer bliss!
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2013 on Marginalia at Harriet Devine's Blog
Congratulations, Ted @CrookedBrook. Hoping to make it by tomorrow for the reopening. Photography okay?
Kathryn, enjoyed your poignant eulogy, and I've never even met (or heard of) Joanna Russ. Lovely tribute and fairwell!
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