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Great points. I particularly agree with No 1 - I went to two completely different conferences, at different ends of the UK and saw the same speaker do the same presentation - really disappointing. Disagree with you though on point 10 - I always share my slides on Slideshare. I tend to put a lot of links at the end (web bibliography I suppose) and that makes it easier for people. I agree that they don't mean as much without the words but they can give people a flavour for what you do. I don't worry about people 'nicking' them as the words come from me. I did hear you speak at the JISC conference in Edinburgh in 2009 and I really enjoyed it - I aspire to your skill level :)
Slightly scary but oh, so cool! It would also get over over that problem of knowing someone but having forgotten their name or who they work for. It should also encourage people to think a bit more carefully about what they post online. Now, excuse me for a minute while I just go and check what's out there...
I think what really worries me is where guidance (which is good) is increasingly interpreted by organisations as legislation. You've seen it in so many areas (including when you can take photos of your own children) that it sometimes seems as though the world has gone mad. I agree that you can't offer advice which assumes that everything in the garden is lovely I just wish people would see this as guidance and work out an effective plan for everyone. Oh well, I guess we can hope that the elusive compound known as common sense becomes available again soon :)
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Whilst I understand what you are saying regarding privacy and support making sure that staff are fully aware of what they share I do feel that we are becoming a society that is afraid and suspicious of everyone else. I think we all miss out when this happens and while there are bad things that happen I don't think we should become so fearful of everyone else that we think they are 'out to get us'. Trust and sharing add so many positive things to life, I hope we don't reach the stage where we don't talk to anyone unless we can see their police check first.
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Nov 30, 2009