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Vishnu Nair
Ann Arbor Michigan
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I may be nitpicking but I guess the author meant"a lower surface/volume ratio combustion chamber" and not "a lower surface/volume ratio piston"...
"This is not good news but one more step towards the 500+ hp ICE monsters. This belongs in the 1950 era" Lets not make it about political correctness that our times demand. This is a country based on principles of Freedom. So if I want to spend my hard earned money on a 500HP car, I should be able to. And yup I will :). Yay to HP wars
There are fundamental limits to what can be achieved in terms for fuel economy given that its is value for money muscle car. In short Cheap Powerful fuel efficient.....choose any two So if you think 300+ HP and 19mpg(city) for 22000USD is nothing to brag about, go get yourself a Prius/Honda fit
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Nov 30, 2009