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thanks, but, it hurts to see where I once lived and my family still is near Minamisoma-their organic rice farm is shut down and they cannot grow food anymore neither, with little help from anyone. Funny grandma made me a beautiful coat from cloth she bought in Odaka, she died in tsunami. I will try to find positive expression of beauty in this resignation, truly, though I also express my truth and its bitterness too
hahaha, now I understand, wakata! I thought this was just a general rest area, and found it annoying that people were smoking in there while I was trying to rest. But it was me who was in the wrong trying to rest while they were trying to smoke. ahh, I love cultural nuance(and enlightenment)!
heyy, my friends in Fukushima have an organic rice farm and they saw this and told about for me who can't eat wheat, but I had to get the full news story from Lisa, thanks!
when shopping in Japan, I tried many condoms but none would fit(I am no superman andperhaps this is not the place, or I am a jerk for sharing) and always a battle in the bed to get small restrictive thing on-maybe I bought the wrong product by mistake of kanji ignorance!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2010 on Finger condoms at TOKYOMANGO
choked me up, totally rad
I like Mark's post, I like your post on Mark's post and I like Danny Choo's post on same subject too: that is danny choo aint it?
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2010 on How to make omusoba at TOKYOMANGO
wakarimasen! funny shinto animism construction company is well endowed!? thanks to our guide of fun;Lisa-chan!
they may not indian but my family in Nagoya want their heritage back! you should see how beautiful and reverently they relate /share /exhibit/ maintain(not preserve) the cultural heritage, anyway there's lots of armor still in Japan, Amerika can enjoy some culture too-obviously they appreciate check this
that is great, sugoi, des! but you gotta/oughta keep tokyomango going, of course you will! I read that NZ found ring story and teared up a bit(bleh, teary guy) shoulda known it was yours (romantic you girl)but I only clued in you wrote it reading here on TM, my site for japanese fun and boingboing fun with your 'unique' POV. squash is a thanksgiving 'thing' here but asian culture worship melon, and quality in general, Phaedrus rocks!
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2009 on Visit me at Boing Boing! at TOKYOMANGO
I am still laughing, wiping the tears from my eyes. SUGOI, des! yes please children of the earth learn to change the world. like this. the realm of funky nippon kitsch, this is so sugoi, impressive. what taste our excellent host! always fun posts. this is cool, even just the idea.
aahhhh, Japan, I love it. so kawaii, someone's little kid gets sent out into the big world, and she rocks it in her crazy kiddy cutey 'creepy' innocent fan freak flag flying way. makes me miss Japan.
must get Urawaza book..must get Urawza book...must give props to Lisa-chan..."-zombie says(from the movie in my mind-ooh! a japanese-canadian zombie porn with random urawaza/nihongi-kitsch and funky japanese content!)-btw your book is sold next to the fruit and nut bars, souvenir from france keychain,english/japanese text, is this 'shopped? keep up the wonders, thanks
beautiful tribute in a weird and funky japanese style. I am laughing and crying(is there a japanese saying for that?) thanks to super Lisa-chan