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Laura Vitez
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I have been making this tomato pie since reading about it in Laurie Colwin's column, goodness, 1995 or so? It was an epiphany for me ... yes, the recipe, but that's not actually what I mean. I'd been a subscriber since 1990 when I received a year of Gourmet as a gift, but for whatever karmic reason that column was the first time I'd actually read anything except the recipes. It was like the clouds parted, and I realized, before the word "content" was so uber-familiar, that Gourmet was loaded with content above and beyond its amazing recipes (from which I learned to cook and love food). I actually cried when the magazine was canceled, and am still not over it. I keep hoping you, Ruth, start something similar, recipes, and "content" for the soul, and photographic art for the eyes ... I miss it all so much. On the web is fine ... just, oh, please ...
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Jul 25, 2010