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Brooklyn Baby!
Hi Lovies! It's Dee from Brooklyn just on here chilling. Don't have much to say but I love life. Love one another and be happy. Happiness lies in your own hands. If someone drops money, and you can give it back to them, please do so :) Im sure someone will appreciate it in the long run. If you see the same people on the train in the morning, smile at them. Try not to growl. If you're in NY I know thats tough... but you'll feel better. These are points for happiness. Be happy and happiness will surround you. <3<3<3 DivaDee
Interests: music, parties, fashion, boys, girls, graphic art, shoes, paris, beyonce, gaga, graphiti, mr. williams, d.e.c.
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u should come to Brooklyn and kick it with some up and coming entrepreneurs. My boy is producing some really dope music for some folks in the industry, my orher room mate is filming videos and his assistant lives with us too. Our whole building is filled with young business minded people from all over the country. Hmm.. how could miss Hilton spice that up... a lot... im sure!
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Hi Paris! Diva Dee here :) this Idea is actually more than a t-shirt girl. It's a movement! So many ladies are jealous of each other, fighting each other and will even go to lengths like stealing each other's boyfriends to prove our worth. Well I say don't envy, compete! If you really think you're better, prove it! This message is going to be big, huge! This WILL eventually happen with or without you. :) I just want you to be a part of this cause ur awesome. I hope you like it and chose it. perhaps we can discuss more. Im following u twitter. <3<3<3 VivaDivaDee.
Feb 23, 2010
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Feb 23, 2010
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Feb 23, 2010