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I feel absolutely dreadful after reading this - the inconvenience it causes is clearly obvious but I've never once stopped to think about how I'm putting other people out. As I remember, there's only one collaboration I've used the 'Grandad' excuse on, only one blog event I've cancelled on last minute and quite a few of each I've taken forever to write up on. Okay, my 'genuine' excuse each time is that I would have to choose blogging over sleeping - every time I've done this its been with me having work commitments, but I realise I shouldn't agree to these things knowing I don't have time (I'm a people pleaser that can't follow through... how does that figure?!) and keep you organisers updated well in advance. I'm not proud of any of that by the way, but its really eye-opening to read this, Annie's post and Lauren's comment there (even Hollie's - I don't realise how lucky I am to have such a tight blogging community with plenty of events in the North East). Working in digital marketing, I'd love to add blogger outreach to my CV at some point but I realise I need some better practice being the blogger first. So thank you for this. I'm going to pick up a copy of the magazine for some more insight on it x
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Nov 23, 2015