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Consistency - you're so right. A big part of consistency also is ensuring that customer facing professional across the organization: support, sales, customer service have all the information needed for each interaction regardless of the touch point. Social media monitors should be have access to the same information as phone reps. When an organization is maximizing and optimizing customer information they are well on the way to delivering that much desired consistency.
Interesting analysis. Thank you for including Vivisimo!
"Keeping keepers..." we can have a month long discussion on this and still not touch every stone! I like your suggestion to "restructure your recognition and rewards programs". I wonder sometimes how much knowledge we've let slip out of our organizations. The biggest piece of the puzzle is how do we capture and share tacit knowledge? - There is no wrong answer here. We discussed this in our latest blog. "The Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste" What are your thoughts?
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Aug 10, 2010