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You need to do a simple Google search onm Lynn Tilton. She's been repeatedly accused of fraud and just lost a fraudulent inducement suit. Go to Forbes Magazine for details. I would think an ethics blog would at least do rudimentary investigation before citing someone as an "ethical" business person.
I'm mostly surprised that you're giving Chiat's empty criticism space here. Chiat's entire premise is essentially this: that leaders don't actually lead. Meanwhile, all of us have been gob-smacked watching Democrats fail to coalesce around any 26 narratives, much less one. I would have thought that was Obama's principal job. He is the leader of the Democratic Party, isn't he? Isn't he the one most responsible for putting the public face to the party's policies? Does anyone *really* want to argue that Obama has been a model of a "modern major general" Westen's point stands. Obama has utterly failed to deliver a narrative which any of us could rally around.......unless you're a moderate-conservative Republican, that is.
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