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Vj Dx
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I apologize up front if these comments upset the factory but the "help" system (as you have the audacity to call it) in Revit 2011 is perhaps the worst help system imaginable. Even the updates don't/haven't help(ed) much. One still has next to impossible times finding commands even when the exact name is used; so if it (Revit "help") doesn't work with words it (Revit) agrees with itself on; than it is sheer folly to care if it works on synonyms... Homonyms would be fun at least!!! I hope ADSK just gets the basic help system working, then try expanding it (doesn't ADSK preach to avoid "garbage in/ garbage out"???)... Revit users have stopped using the "help" system to a large degree since it's unreasonable to keep trying to use something that doesn't work and think it will work one magical day, if I only keep trying... Oh look it's the tooth fairy. -J
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Nov 5, 2010