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I think there is an equivalence. At least I hope there is. We are all one, and while those in power do their best to make us forget that, to sow discord and create division, sometimes the truth bleeds through. The blatant disconnect you hear/see/read every day is becoming impossible to ignore. On NPR yesterday I heard the usual cries of 'we're broke' from the pols, followed closely by 'we must DO something for/to Libya.' (I say 'to Libya' because they always seem to forget bombs are not precise, no matter how smart we make them. Mistakes are made and little boys are blown to bits while gathering firewood.) But which is it? Are we broke, or do we bomb Libya? Must we cancel the social contract due to lack of funds, or must we fight however many wars we're fighting? Choices are being made, and the pretense that there is no choice is the worst sort of lie. This is how we were sold on the no-strings bank bail-out, the Iraq war, and other atrocities of our time. The need to din up an emergency, to make us feel there is no choice...that is truly demeaning and dehumanizing. And therein lies the equivalence. Strip us of choice, and you strip us of our humanity. Turn us against others, and we turn on each other, looking only to protect ourselves and our immediate kin. We lose society, and whether those making the choice for us know it or not...society loses too.
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Mar 8, 2011